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How to Create a Reader Avatar for Your Blog

How to Create a Reader Avatar for Your Blog Creating a reader avatar for your blog helps focus your articles and the information you present. To create your avatar you need to analyze what your readers' interests lie and what their hopes and goals are for. Once you have established an avatar for each group of readers, you can be more specific and relevant with your content. To build each avatar you should ask very specific questions, and and to help you Problogger has a blueprint you can use. Key Takeaways: writer, Darren Rowse, has made use of avatars, also known as personas, or reader profiles, in his work, for some time. To create this effective tool, Rowse says you must spend some time writing about your customer, describing in detail who she is, and what her desires and needs are. Rowse also shares examples of his own avatars and offers a template for those interested in creating their own. “The idea is that you end up with a picture of who you’re writing for that you can then use to create posts that will resonate more strongly with your actual readers.” Read more:...

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10 Most Popular B2B Lead Generation Blog Posts of 2017

10 Most Popular B2B Lead Generation Blog Posts of 2017 Lead management is crucial within the world of lead conversion. You just can't stick a bunch of leads to the wall and assume that you will get what you want when it comes to sales, or page conversions. Lead management means that you are truly headed towards targeted customers. The targeted customers are hopefully going to refer people to your business, and do so over the long term. You have to be able to say that you have the right team helping with you lead generation, however. Key Takeaways: The start of the new year means understanding and optimizing your blogging strategy. Blog strategies can ensure optimal number of leads when posting content. Lead management in a blogging strategy is relevant and developing different types of blogs can nurture different leads. “This following list was compiled based on aggregate social shares across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and views.” Read more:...

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6 Popups that Won’t Frustrate Your Visitors

If there is one thing that gets on the nerves of all customers as they are perusing your website, or any other website for that matter, it is the presence of pop-up ads while they are looking for information and insight. Being able to properly place these advertisements and use them effectively is the only way to have customers pay attention to the ads, let alone click on them and sign up for whatever the company may be offering. Key Takeaways: Your sales funnel starts when browsers land on your site and ends hopefully with a sale. To keep...

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What to Do When Your Content Falls Flat

  Having the right content and right messaging is crucial to being able to build brand awareness and increase site traffic online. Given that often times content is bound to fail if not properly considered, it is crucial for business owners to develop valuable content strategies. By implementing steps such as leveraging influencers, making posts shareable, and running social media ads against the content, it can provide a much more significant and stable piece of content to drive awareness to your brand. Key Takeaways: Research indicates that content marketers are spending more than fifty percent less than those that...

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Why the Top of Your Funnel is Almost Always More Profitable

Digital and traditional marketers these days often focus on their sales pathway in the form of a funnel, with the top involving acquisition and the bottom of the funnel revolving around conversion. Whereas most tend to focus on the bottom of the funnel as producing the most profit and value for a business, they often overlook the impact that the top of the funnel can have, in that customers at the top may be more often willing to share and raise awareness about the brand even prior to purchasing. Key Takeaways: Although AdWords converts better than almost any other...

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