Author: Karl zu Ortenburg

Closing More Deals With Marketing Automation

5 Ways Top Sales Reps Can Use Marketing Automation to Close More Deals Marketing automation software is a huge blessing for sales teams, but unfortunately, it’s usually a tool that few salespeople leverage. So, often sales reps are too busy to learn about what the marketing team is up to and continue prospecting by sending one-off emails and guessing at which companies and people are the right ones. Little do they realize that if they took the time to understand what marketing automation does, they wouldn’t have to spend nearly as much time looking for leads. So, I’ve put...

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Mobile Payment Trends to Watch in 2017

The development of smartphones has gone and replaced a few things we grew up with: the watch, the alarm clock, the tape recorder, music players, and it seems that very soon, we can add cash and wallets to that list. It’s hardly a surprise. Payment methods have been morphing through various channels: from cash to cheques, to credit cards and debit cards, and now to online banking and mobile commerce. There are 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world, and more than a billion smartphones already in the market. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time before we...

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McAfee Increased Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate 4x

McAfee – Lead to opportunity conversion rate increased four-fold McAfee — the multi-billion computer security company responsible for some of the world’s most popular virus scan and removal tools. It’s hard to imagine that such huge corporations have the same marketing & sales problems we experience, but they do.  Nonetheless, they became intrigued by the concept of a cloud-based platform, realizing it would provide easier and more secure data storage. The problem: McAfee was having little trouble generating leads, in fact, McAfee already had a huge number of leads. Nevertheless, McAfee began using marketing automation software as although its marketing efforts brought in...

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Boom in Banking Through Mobile Apps

As today’s connected consumers demand mobile access to their favorite brands, banks are in a position to respond with apps that are rich with features and provide some services that used to require a branch visit, such as account opening. Image: Retailcustomerexperience For the most part, financial institutions are meeting the needs of their mobile-savvy customers. But the question now becomes how banks and credit unions can differentiate their mobile banking apps to keep their customers and members engaged and provide them with an experience similar to using apps from Amazon, Starbucks and Uber, just to name a few....

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NWQ Capital Management: Automating sales and marketing process, freeing up time for investors

NWQ Capital Management Investment Manager NWQ Capital Management is a boutique investment manager led by experienced institutional professionals. NWQ was founded on the core philosophy of absolute return investing. NWQ believes conventional portfolio design is prone to undesirable volatility and large negative shocks and therefore places equal emphasis on capital preservation and return optimisation. In its view there are 3 fundamental elements to optimal portfolio design: A pragmatic, market-aware approach to asset allocation Active exploitation of the complete universe of traditional and alternative assets Identification of skilled investment managers NWQ has a strong commitment to research and education with the objective of...

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