Acteva – 350% Increase In ROI 

Acteva is an online registration, ticketing, and payment management service that began using marketing automation to improve its targeting and ROI. Acteva already has Salesforce, but wanted more visibility into their marketing activities and chose Marketo since they’re easily integrated with Salesforce.

The campaigns that they created through their marketing software, such as customized landing pages, emails and lead nurturing campaigns, all saw decent conversation rates, with Acteva claiming that the process took 40% of the time and at 30% of the cost.

But did it work?

  • 350% marketing ROI
  • 100% annual growth in areas where marketing automation was implemented
  • $2m in incremental gross revenue

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As a Digital Marketing Expert and Systems Integrator Karl zu Ortenburg focuses on getting businesses to succeed with their marketing on the Internet. He has worked with companies such as Bertelsmann, Random House Publishing, Philips, Dow Chemical, Deutsche Bank etc., as well as with a range of clients, from smaller entrepreneurs, to business owners who made over $200 million in 3 years. Karl zu Ortenburg publishes about Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and has written a handbook about Search Engine Optimization.