5% of contentContent is the best method companies have for connecting with people. Producing content is quite complicated, however.

Many companies struggle with it, which is why 90% of all engagement is driven by just 5% of branded content.

Enterprises need to develop an overarching content strategy, find the technology to execute the strategy, and hire the creators who can help them compete in a world overloaded with stories.

Contently is working to usher in a new era for content marketing.

The company possesses the culture of innovation necessary to solve the increasingly complex challenges that marketers face.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contently is an always growing financial organization that supports creative team members, and visionary members who will try their hardest to please their growing clientele.
  • Content may look simple, but it takes more skill than most people realize.
  • Enterprises must have an overarching content strategy to keep their teams on the correct work-path.

“The digital revolution has delivered a whirlwind of changes, but one thing has remained constant: Content is the best way for companies to connect with people.”

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